Flight group booking is a common option for travellers who are organizing travels with family, friends, or coworkers. They provide convenience, cost savings, and the capacity to organize many travellers’ travel plans.

But what happens if one traveller needs to switch flights because of unavoidable circumstances? In a group booking, is it possible to change one person’s flight?

We will cover the procedure of changing a person’s flight inside a group booking in this blog article, and our Group Travel Team’s experts will provide you with helpful tips on how to handle it.

Let’s understand group bookings

Understanding group booking dynamics is crucial before beginning the process of modifying one person’s flight on a group booking. In a normal group booking, seats are reserved for a predetermined number of passengers on the same trip. The airlines are a desirable alternative for families, friends, sports teams, and corporate groups since they frequently provide special pricing and benefits for group bookings.

The Difficulty of Changing a Person’s Flight

It can be trickier to change a single traveller’s flight within a group booking than it is to change everyone’s schedule. Airlines approach group bookings differently than individual reservations, which explains this. However, a group travel team can do that for you! But before we go into the details of how we do it, here are some things to think about:

  1. Group reservations frequently have unique fare regulations and requirements. These could include limitations on group-wide modifications, cancellations, or refunds.
  2. Seating Plans: Group bookings frequently include assigned seating for every traveller. The seating arrangements for the whole party may change if one individual changes their flight.
  3. Price: If one traveller’s flight is changed, the group rate may be revised, potentially changing the cost for all travellers.

How to Change One Person’s Flight on a Group Reservation?

The following procedures will help you get through the process if one of your group members needs to change their flight:

  1. Speak with the Group Travel Team: Contact our group booking agents as soon as you can. Give them the specifics of the reservation, including the group booking reference number, and describe your predicament.
  2. Understand the Terms and Conditions: We will give you an absolutely genuine picture of the group booking’s terms and conditions, including any fines or costs related to changing one person’s ticket.
  3. Check Availability: Find out if any substitute flights are available that will work with the traveller’s revised schedule. Be ready for possible variations in prices and seat availability.
  4. Verify Costs: Be certain you comprehend the costs associated with changing one person’s flight. Change costs, fare differences, or other fees can be necessary.
  5. Consent of the Group: Ensure that everyone in the group is aware of and in agreement with any prospective changes. Occasionally, altering one person’s flight could have an effect on the entire group’s travel arrangements.
  6. Make the adjustment: If you choose to move forward with the adjustment, contact the group travel team to change the person’s flight information. Make the new flight reservation and pay any fees that may be necessary.
  7. Verify Seat Assignments: After the adjustment, make sure the group’s seating arrangements are still appropriate.

Here is one example

Ten friends have made travel arrangements for a weeklong getaway to a tropical location. For the purpose of receiving cheaper rates and reserving seats collectively, they made a group reservation. One group member, Sarah, had to change her flight to come a day after the rest of the group due to a last-minute work commitment she received a few days prior to the departure date.

How to Approach the Situation?

Contact Group Travel Team: Sarah calls the Group Travel Team customer care, describing her position and giving the group booking reference number. She enquires as to whether altering her flight is an option.

Recognise the T&Cs: The airline representative notifies Sarah that the group reservation comes with specific ticket guidelines. They clarify that alterations to specific flights within the group may result in change fees and ticket variations.

Sarah checks the availability of any flights leaving the next day. She receives information from the Group Travel Team’s employee about her alternatives, including prices and seat availability for the revised date.

Verify Fees: Sarah carefully considers the fees associated with changing her flight. She finds out that the new flight will cost more because of the pricing difference and the change fee.

Consent of the Group: Sarah talks to the other members of the group about the circumstance. Since Sarah’s modification won’t have a big influence on their plans, they consent to take it into account.

Make the Change: Sarah notifies the group travel agent of her choice to switch flights. Her revised reservation for the later travel date is confirmed after she pays the necessary fees.

Verify Seat Assignments: Sarah double-checks with the Group Travel Team to make sure that her seat is still reserved with the group once the modification is made, enabling her to sit with her friends.

By following the steps provided, Sarah is able to change her flight inside the group reservation in this example. The group’s schedule wasn’t much disrupted as a result of her proactive approach, communication with the airline, and group consensus, which ensured a smooth adjustment to her trip arrangements.


It is possible to change one person’s flight on a group booking, albeit it can be trickier than changing an individual booking. You may effectively manage the procedure and make modifications as necessary by comprehending the terms and conditions of your group booking, keeping up to current on the fees involved, and securing the approval of all group members.

Why do we suggest using the Group Travel Team to Change One Person’s Flight on a Group Booking?

Keep in mind that when working with the Group travel team, changing one person’s flight on a group booking becomes noticeably simpler. Our experts have a wealth of expertise navigating the complexities of group bookings and are experts in organising group travel arrangements.

As a result of our contacts with airlines, our team is able to negotiate better terms and conditions for group reservations. We can negotiate any adjustment requests more easily because we are familiar with the particular guidelines and restrictions pertaining to group prices.

Additionally, group travel agents can effectively represent you while speaking with airlines, ensuring that modifications are completed quickly and painlessly. Our knowledge helps minimise any problems that might occur when changing one person’s flight within a group booking, giving everyone involved peace of mind and a more convenient trip.