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Welcome to the Group Travel Team – we are here to make group bookings simpler for you!

Booking Information

Simply go to our website and click “Book Now” or “Group Booking” to make a reservation for a group trip. Or simply call 0208 124 1050 or write to us at and our group travel team will get in touch with you. 

You may plan a vacation for any size of group, whether it’s a tiny family reunion or a sizable business function. We accommodate a range of group sizes.

For the majority of trips, we do not have a hard minimum participation requirement; however, there may be minimum participant requirements for select tours or activities. For further details, review the tour specifics.

You must include your contact details, travel preferences, and the number of travellers. Trip-specific specifications may change.

Yes, you can modify your reservation; however, for more information on costs, limitations, and availability, please consult our booking modification policy.

Yes, we provide discounts for bookings made by large groups. To learn about group savings, get in touch with our customer service department.

We provide a variety of lodging choices, including hotels, rental homes, and more, to accommodate various group sizes and tastes.

Absolutely! To accommodate the unique interests and requirements of your group, we may design bespoke itineraries. For specialized tour planning, get in touch with us.

Although it is not included in our normal bookings, travel insurance can be bought separately for extra security. For peace of mind, we advise taking into account travel insurance.

Booking your group trip as early as you can will help you lock in the ideal dates and lodging. Early reservations guarantee availability.

We accept a number of payment options, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and online payment systems. When making a reservation, refer to our payment options.

Depending on the itinerary and lodging, different cancellation procedures apply. For further information on refunds and fees, please consult our cancellation policy.


During the booking procedure, payments can be made securely through our website using your selected payment method.

Yes, a deposit is typically required to hold your reservation. The deposit sum varies for every trip and is specified at the time of booking.

Depending on your payment method and location, there can be transaction fees or fees associated with currency conversion. Examine the payment information before completing.

Yes, as long as the last payment is made before the departure date, you may make numerous payments toward your reservation.

Payments are frequently accepted in the nation’s currency where the trip is being provided. During the booking procedure, currency information is presented.

Yes, we give your payment information’s security a high priority. To protect your data, we employ encryption and follow industry standards.

For some reservations involving large groups, we might provide payment arrangements. For more information and eligibility, get in touch with our customer service department.

Your bank or payment processor will handle the exchange rate and any related fees if your payment requires a currency transaction.

Refund procedures differ depending on the trip and lodging. For specific information regarding refunds and any associated fees, please refer to our cancellation policy.

Missed or late payments may cause a reservation to be cancelled or incur additional costs. For more information, please examine our payment policy.

On some excursions, we might give discounts in exchange for full or early payments. For more information, check out our promos or get in touch.

Your payment card information’s security is a top priority for us. To protect your data, we adhere to industry standards and use strong encryption technologies.

Replace Warranty with Security

We secure your personal information using strong security techniques, such as encryption and data access controls. Your data is secure and kept private.

To ensure online transactions and safeguard your financial information, we do indeed use strong encryption technologies.

To keep an eye on and stop fraud, we have fraud detection measures in place. For further protection, we additionally validate payment details.

To confirm our legitimacy, look for HTTPS in the website’s URL, see if there are any contact details, and read testimonials from reliable sources.

Your credit card information is safeguarded by us using strong security procedures, including secure storage and transmission.

Unless required by law or for particular travel-related activities (such as hotel reservations), we do not divulge your personal information to third parties.

If you think there might be a security problem with your account or booking, get in touch with our customer care right once. We’ll look into it and act accordingly.

Yes, we adhere to industry standards and may even have privacy and data security certifications.

We promote the use of secure passwords, and we have procedures in place to quickly notify impacted users in the case of a data breach.

Yes, to process payments, we rely on reputable payment gateways with a history of security and dependability.

Please get in touch with our security team via our website or customer support if you find security flaws or have concerns.

Yes, we do have a thorough privacy statement that describes how we manage and safeguard your data. For further details, check it out on our website.

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